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After If The Dinosaurs Came Back was published, I became intrigued by all the scientific controversies that surrounded the disappearance of the dinosaurs.  My second dinosaur book is filled with my unscientific theories such as, "Maybe there was no more room for the dinosaurs on Noah's ark."  My illustration is of dinosaurs lined up two-by-two on the shore while Noah's ark is leaving with all the other animals.

Two years after Whatever Happened To The Dinosaurs? was published, Time Magazine featured a cover story about the dinosaur extinction.  In the article, one famous scientist ridiculed another scientist's theory by saying a more plausible explanation would be that there was no room for the dinosaurs on Noah's ark.  My publisher was amused and sent Time Magazine a copy of my book to share with the scientist.  But we never heard back.

However, I did receive lots of letters and theories from my readers.  A friend sent me a copy of a page from my book along with a note that said, "Bernie -- You were closer to the truth than you thought."  The page shows a parent dinosaur and a baby dinosaur shopping for food.  There was plenty of pet food, but no dinosaur food on the shelves.  Attached was an article from a nature magazine about the discovery of giant mounds in Montana.  Scientists theorized these were like giant nurseries used for raising and feeding young dinosaurs.

Facts like this gave me more ideas for future books where I combined fact and fun.

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