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In my first word-play book, There's An Ant In Anthony, Anthony along with the reader searches for a single word, "ant," hidden in other words.  In Pets In Trumpets I challenge the reader to search for many hidden words.

A dog starts the search in my front endpapers by jumping over a stack of blocks that spell T-R-U-M-P-E-T-S.  He knocks off the top four blocks, leaving P-E-T-S.  The dog searches throughout the book, including my dedication page:  "The following PAGES are dedicated to readers of all AGES."

In each word-play riddle, the word that contains the hidden word is very large.   It gives the reader a better chance to find the hidden word.  For example:   "Why were the MICE invited to the picnic?"  "Because the mice brought the ICE."

Notice the dog in the background hiding behind the food on the picnic table.  This dog has been searching throughout the book for a special hidden word, and in the last riddle he finally finds what he has been searching for from the beginning:   "What did the dog find in the TROMBONE?"  "He finally found his BONE in the trombone!"

I say goodbye to my readers in my back endpapers.  A parent gorilla and a baby gorilla stand next to a stack of blocks that spell F-R-I-E-N-D.  As they wave goodbye to the reader, they knock off the top three blocks, leaving E-N-D.

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