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Harcourt asked me to think of ideas for their newly-launched series of study little board books.  Moo-Ha! grew out of my book, The Cow That Went Oink.   In that book, the other cows that went moo laugh at the cow that went oink.   "Moo-ha!" "Moo-ha!" "Moo-ha!"

The other animals on the farm laugh at her, too:  "Neigh-ha!" "Hee-haw-ha!" "Quack-ha!"  But at the end of the book, the cow that went oink learns how to moo.  She knows how to oink and moo, so she has the last laugh:  "Moo-ha!"  "Oink-ha!"

My little board book Moo-Ha! is filled with silly things that I thought would make a cow laugh:  "moosepapers," "moosic," "amoosement parks," even "mooseums" where I get a chance to sneak in a dinosaur.   To go along with Moo-Ha!, I created a little companion board book:  Oink-Ha!

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