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Harcourt had just rejected Four & Twenty Dinosaurs in 1988.  But my editor, Diane D'Andrade (new at Harcourt) loved the title and wondered if I had any ideas about combining dinosaurs with numbers.

I remembered reading about the different sizes of the dinosaurs, some of them tiny, many of them about the size of a cat.

The Littlest Dinosaur captured my imagination.  My opening spread:   "Everyone thinks about the biggest dinosaurs, but what about the littlest dinosaurs?"

I will never forget a visit to a California school.  They took me outside to their playground which was on a hill.  They had chalked an outline of a brontosaurus and the children were measuring it, just like my opening spread.  They brought my book to life!  What a thrill.

In the book I compare the sizes of the smaller dinosaurs with things a child is familiar with:  a refrigerator-sized dinosaur nick-named "egg thief" is stealing eggs from the refrigerator.  On another page, I feature a dinosaur about five feet long, small enough to fit into your bathtub, taking a bath.

This was my first book where I had a pronunciation guide in the text, on the same page, making it easier to read the dinosaur's name.  I dedicated The Littlest Dinosaur to my family for putting up with me while I measured everything around our house including the kitchen sink.

I still get lots of letters from teachers who have used this book in their classrooms who think I made up these dinosaurs.  But I didn't.  They were real dinosaurs, and I even include a bibliography showing where I got my factual information.

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